Our Story


Lanoline Babyglow product is a fast growing baby cosmetics brand offering the best and vast collection of baby products for infants till 15-year old. We are a reputed,tested and trusted local and international brand with numerous awards and recognitions from local and international organizations. With presence in different continents of the world, Babyglow provides moms with a variety of cosmetics products that will suit their new born till the teenager years. Founded in 1984 by Paula Rosa, babyglow skincare line was born when our founder could not find one safe baby cosmetics brand to trust for her family, hence she and her Husband has to create Babyglow brand to make sure they get the safe baby cosmetics brand they long desired and also to solve the problem of many parents looking for safe and natural baby cosmtetics brand to use for their children.

OUR MISSION To become the choice baby cosmetics brand local and ineternational, and thus we strive to make sure all our products are natural and does not contain any iota of dangerous chemical that will be harmful to baby's skin. Guided by this mission, we are poised to providing parents with only the best products suitable for their wards. This we do by making sure that all our products are enriched with 100% natural ingredients that will protect and make baby's skin look appealing, shiny and smooth to the eyes.

Safe baby products

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OUR COMMITMENT We had a purpose to create a plant based natural baby skin care range to moisturize, nourish and protect baby's sensitive skin. Our aspiration is to meet the needs of your family at all times by making sure that all our products are made with the highest quality of pure and organic ingredients sourced from nature. Find out more about how we’re making it better together here in the video below